Sunday, March 12, 2017

MY NOT SO PERFECT LIFE by Sophie Kinsella

The reigning queen of chick lit is back with this fun-filled tale that ponders the question- is life as perfect for everyone as they make it appear on social media? Katie Brenner, originally from Somerset, is in London trying to live her dream of working and living in the big city, far from her country roots. She particularly admires her boss Demeter Farlowe, whose life appears to be in perfect order. Perfect job? Check! Perfect husband? Check! Perfect children? Check! Perfect home? Check! When Demeter fires Katie, she returns home to help her family start up their new glamping venture while she regroups and tries to figure out what she'll do next.

When Demeter unexpectedly arrives on Katie's family's farm, Katie is not thinking that she will catch such an honest glimpse at what Demeter's life is really like behind the facade that she presents and Katie will see that Demeter's perfect life is not so perfect after all.

I devoured this book in a few short sittings. I loved the character of Katie Brenner and what she stood for, and her big heart shone through on the pages. I couldn't help but want a happy ending for her! Kinsella has a knack for creating lovable and relatable characters and MY NOT SO PERFECT LIFE is no exception to this.

What I loved even more than the exquisite character development was how relevant the plot was to the day and age that we live in. So often we present our everyday lives in a certain light or with a certain filter online in the hopes of making everyone believe that our lives are more perfect than they truly are. I think that it would be so interesting to see those moments before or after those perfect pictures are taken, to see behind the front.

Kinsella has written yet another terrific book that is well-written, relatable, and compulsively readable. Pick this one up as soon as possible if you're looking for a light yet meaningful read!

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