Thursday, August 16, 2012

Review: "The Sweet Life" by Francine Pascal

I grew up right alongside Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield. They were a little older than me, and far more glamorous, but I anxiously awaited each of their adventures and I spent more of my baby-sitting money than I care to admit to purchasing the latest Sweet valley releases.

I'm all grown up now, but so are Jessica and Elizabeth and their Sweet Valley friends. Jessica is a mother and is successful in the PR field, but is her marriage to Todd beyond saving? Elizabeth is a rising star in the journalism field and is happily living with Bruce Patman, a changed man. When a scandal arises and rocks both Elizabeth and Bruce's world will their relationship survive? Lila Fowler is married to a man that adores her but will her desire to become a True Housewife of Sweet Valley jeopardize her home life? Steven Wakefield is now a proud parent but will one moment of inattention change his life forever?

The Sweet Life consists of six serials (initially published as a collection of individually released e-stories, now available in one volume) chronicling the life and times of many of the original characters from the Sweet Valley series. I began reading the first serial with the intention of reading it and then moving on to something else but I was hooked from the beginning! Once I was finished the first one I devoured the second one and so on, all the way to the stunning conclusion. This series is like chocolate; it's impossible to put down!

The Sweet Life is the literary equivalent of a television drama series or soap opera- there are several plot lines being followed and there is tons of drama! Reading it was almost a guilty pleasure; it was like candy for the brain! I thoroughly enjoyed it and the twists and turns definitely kept me on my feet.

There were a few plot lines that I felt could have been done better, particularly the one involving Steven Wakefield. Just as I was getting invested in his story it was concluded abruptly and I would have liked it to span several more of the stories rather than just ending suddenly.

The ending left my mouth hanging open- quite literally! It shocked me and it absolutely left me wanting more. In fact while many of the plot lines are concluded to a degree there is definitely room for a sequel to The Sweet Life. There is so much more that I want to know!

Fast-paced and fantastically fun, The Sweet Life will appeal to fans of the original Sweet Valley Series as well as new fans who enjoy their chick lit with a heaping side of drama! My thanks to the publicist for providing me with this review copy.


  1. Haven't seen this series before. Looks like fun reads.

  2. Great review! If we hadn't been reading them at the same time, you would have definitely sold this series to me!