Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Book Blogger Holiday Swap

I just signed up for the Book Blogger Holiday Swap! It sounds like a lot of fun, and this is my first year participating. Here's the general overview (a detailed FAQ section is on the site): you sign up to participate, and after sign-ups are completed you will receive information on the person that you have been assigned to buy a gift for. The person that you are buying for doesn't know who's buying for them until the gift arrives! The gift should be small (under $20) and you can choose if you would like to ship within your country or internationally. How great is this? Interested? Sign up here. HURRY! Sign up deadline is November 12th to allow the organizers to match up secret santas!!!


  1. Mary D

    What a wonderful idea!!! I'm not a 'book' blogger, per se - but my blog does incorporate the occasional review (non-promotional). Wonder if I would qualify? :)

  2. Mary,

    From what I read in the FAQ's, I think that you would. As long as you have an interest in books and a blog (so that your Santa can get a "feel" for what kind of gifts you may like) I believe that you can sign up. There is an e-mail on the site for in case you would like to double check, though. I hope that you join- sounds like fun!

  3. That sounds fun - maybe I'll do this next year. I just have too much going on for this holiday season!